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Loretta's testimony...

Albert met his mentor, Buster Dupuis, in 2005 at an Overcomers Meeting and found out about a men’s program that God had birthed in him.  Immediately, Albert felt called to train at Dunklin Memorial.  Of course I was hesitant because I was leaving my family behind.  After much prayer, I knew we had to go.  Albert and I began SLT classes where I was forced to look at myself, the choices I made, and the people I hurt along the way.  After several months of SLT, I began Inner Healing.  This is when I learned that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and the cross is the focal point of forgiveness.

I knew that if the Lord could forgive me for all I have done, He could do the same in the lives of other women struggling with drugs and alcohol.  I shared with Albert what the Lord was birthing inside of me to help wounded women.  We prayed for our next step and knew that I needed training.  We then contacted The Refuge Ranch and they offered for me to train at their facility in Okeechobee, Florida.  I trained there for twelve months.  The Lord is already doing amazing things for Women’s Restoration.  We have acquired two acres of land in Thibodaux and have been given a triple-wide modular home.  The land has been cleared and we hope to be open in the next couple of months.  It’s amazing what the Lord will do when you answer His calling.

Women’s Restoration began as a mere thought while my husband and I were participating in the Servant Leadership Training program at Dunklin Memorial in Okeechobee, Florida. 

In 1989, the Lord delivered Albert and I from drugs and alcohol after attending a church service.  It is only by  the grace of God that we are alive today.  The choices we made were leading to a life of destruction.

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